Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Deadline Extension for the 2017 contest


We have decided to extend the submission deadline for the 2017 contest. The new deadline is:

SUNDAY, JANUARY 15 by 11:59 pm.

Plays must be submitted through the website no later than 11:59 pm on that date. There will be no further extensions, so please be sure to get your plays in before this time.

Any plays already received will go out to readers next week.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017

How to Submit a Script to the 2017 contest

(This page was amended at 3:07 pm on January 3 and reflects the correct procedure for submitting your play.)

Well, hello there! Happy New Year!

It has been a busy season of playwriting with youth at Writers Theatre since I last posted on this blog. While my posts have been infrequent in 2016, when there were published, they moved to the Writers Theatre blog on the general website, but more about that later. Right now, let's walk you through the steps to submitting a play on our new NJYPF page.

For the most part, playwrights have been sending their work without a problem; however, there is a minor glitch in the system that we want to make sure everyone is aware of before sending in the play.

1) Submissions are accepted as Word documents and PDF files ONLY. We cannot access scripts that are sent via Google Docs or Apple Pages. So, if you are working on those platforms, please be sure to download the file first, and then attach it to the submission form later. Please see the website for guidelines about how to format your script and name your file.

2) When you are ready to submit the play, go to the contest website at That will bring you to a page that looks like this:

From this page, you can choose to read through the guidelines and other information about the contest and festival using the tabs on the left hand side of the page. Or if you are ready to submit your play, click the link for Submission Form, which is noted in the picture by the red arrow.

3) This page is the Submission landing page, which again provides you with information about formatting, etc. To send your script, click the link for Submission Form on the left hand side, noted here again by the red arrow:

4) In order to correct a page error, we had to create one more Submission Form link here:
This will open a new tab in your browser with the first page of the submission form.

5) On this page read and accept the conditions of submission by noting if you are submitting the work as an Individual or a Group. (If you are a playwright sending your own work, or someone sending work for ONE playwright, you should click the button for Choice #1. If you are the teacher/mentor/parent of a group of playwrights, please choose Choice #2.)

6) Now you will be at Step 2 where you enter information about the play, playwright, etc.
Individual Submission form
PLEASE NOTE: The image above is from the Individual submission form. If you are submitting a group of plays, you will be taken to another page that looks like this:
Group Submission form
On the group submission form you will enter the title, author, grade, and Living with Disabilities category eligibility for each individual play. Use the plus button (indicated by the red arrow) to create a line for your next script.

7) The final page of the submission form will ask you to upload your file(s). Once you have done this and clicked the button to finish you will be brought to a screen that confirms your submission as received.

Due to the number of submissions that we receive, we CANNOT reply to requests to confirm whether or not a play has been received in the system. However, if you use the form and do not get a confirmation message on the screen, please let me know and I will do what I can.

8) If you are an individual playwright submitting more than one play, you will need to submit each script separately using the Individual option.

I hope this will help you through this new process. We look forward to receiving your plays!