Friday, September 5, 2008

Where should I start?

Figuring out what to write is frustrating. The stops and starts you experience when first sitting down to write are just the mind’s way of sorting out all the potential places from which to begin. For some writers, starting is simply about putting pen to paper… or fingers to keyboard… and letting the ideas flow. The important thing to them is that words get written on the paper… or screen. Other writers will take time to think things through; perhaps creating detailed outlines or sketches before diving in. And still other writers have other methods - the ways to begin are as numerous as the people who sit down to write. There is no “best” way to start, but the best thing is to get started.

As we reboot the NJ Young Playwrights Festival for a 26th year, plans are in place to post to this blog some ideas, exercises, statements, and other items to help get you started on a new one-act play, and to keep you going once you’ve begun.

We'll begin with an article written by Alexandra R. Moses for Edutopia Magazine, an online and print publication from the George Lucas Educational Fund (yup, that George Lucas). The article centers on young playwrights programs across the county (including those sponsored by Playwrights Theatre) and is mainly geared for classroom teachers. However, there is some good information in there for young playwrights, particularly in the links to writing samples and guidelines/tips from other contests and festivals. The link is

The submission deadline for the NJ Young Playwrights Festival 2009 is a postmark of JANUARY 16, 2009. Submission guidelines will be posted to the Playwrights Theatre website and to this blog in the weeks to come. An official contest brochure will be in the mail to all New Jersey schools by the end of September, so let your teachers know to keep an eye out for that.

Keep checking this blog for writing tips and more information. For now, get writing!

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