Tuesday, February 10, 2009

In process...

It has been a busy couple of weeks here at the theatre. We received nearly 400 scripts from young playwrights across New Jersey! They are all currently with our Contest Readers who are reading the plays and writing feedback to each writer. The reports I get from the Readers are filled with excitement. I can't wait to get a look at some of the scripts.

The first round of the Contest will wrap up this Sunday, February 15th. The plays that advance to the second round will be sent back out to another group of readers who will recommend the plays that make it to the final round.

This week, I sent invitations to the other artists who will serve on the Selection Panel with me. We are working to schedule a time in March. At that time, we'll select the winning plays in each division.

There's not much to inform you of in between now and March, but please send me any questions that you might have about the Contest, or about playwriting in general. Send any questions to jdevivo@ptnj.org. I will try to post and answer some of them on the blog. Until next time... happy writing!

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