Friday, October 9, 2009

Let the Writing Begin Again!

Welcome back! To school, to the blog, to the act of writing a play. I hope that your summer ended on a good note and that the return to school has been successful.

Students in the Madison and Cranford Schools returned to the annual Madison and Cranford Young Playwrights Programs over the past few weeks. There is some phenomenal turnout in both programs, particularly at the schools where students saw their plays performed in the NJ Young Playwrights Festival in May. We wish those students all the best as they begin to create their new scripts this year. I hope that you have begun your writing, too!

Remember, you do not need to wait for the January deadlines to submit your work. Submissions are currently being accepted at the Contest website - We already have a couple in, so feel free to drop your's off, too (via internet and email, of course).

I'll be back with some writing exercises over the next few weeks. Hopefully these will help you along as you write. In the meantime, brainstorm some ideas that you would like to write about. See if you can at least get a main character in mind. The next exercise will focus on developing characters. So until then...

Happy writing!

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