Friday, March 16, 2012

Madison Young Playwrights Festival - Day 3

That picture is the view from upstage center in the auditorium at the Madison Junior School. What a beautiful place! I've been in there a few times before for other programs, but never really had a chance to see it closely. The switch from our small rehearsal room to this massive space (nearly 700 seats, I believe) was quite an adjustment, but the cast made the transition smoothly (as I knew they would) and we spent the day working on the two other Festival plays:
  • It's Hard to Get a Halo by Katerina Rettino
  • Is it a Dream? by Kevin Espiritu
We had a great time playing with these stories and look forward to putting it all together at the Madison Festival tomorrow. Here are some pictures from today's rehearsal with thanks to James Sullivan!

This is a neat shot of a scene from It's Hard to Get a Halo with the playwright and her mother watching from the house. Actors are Ashley LaSelva (left) and Siouxsie Suarez (right).

We had some fun with this scene in which Mom (Siouxsie at right) reveals the truth that Ashley (played by Ashley at right) is half-human, half-devil.

Oh, no! Mr. Linguini is choking!
(Walter Rodriguez and Erica Scott)
In a scene from Is it a Dream?, Vampire (Louis Vetter at left) and Crow (Siouxsie Suarez at right) battle for Viper's soul.
(Walter Rodriguez as Viper at center.)

When we got into rehearsal for Is it a Dream?, one of the after-school clubs needed to get some chairs behind the back drape. They opened it on the stage direction: "Scene 2: In the Woods." and painted on the back wall was this woods scene!
Watching it all come together.
We're excited for the staged readings tomorrow! I'll be posting more once the Festival is done. For more pictures of today's events - and from throughout the entire four day process - please visit the Playwrights Theatre Facebook page at

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