Sunday, May 19, 2013

2013 Festival is underway!

Aaron Kaplan in a scene from Blues-Berries by Philip Peker
Today began rehearsals for the 30th annual New Jersey Young Playwrights Festival! The day started with a reading of plays from the Junior HS and Elementary divisions followed by readings and blocking rehearsal for the high school plays. We were thrilled to have 7 of our 10 playwrights present today and look forward to working with them throughout the week.

Here are just a few glimpses into today's action:
Director Dania Ramos (left) works with Chaelee Chaput, Cara Ganski, and Tarshai Peterson (l-r) on a scene from You Definitely Got All That From Your Mother by Emma Iacometta.
Things got a little painful for Seth Jambor during rehearsal for Good News! by Philip Anastassiou

A moment from Mirror by Kelsey Garrett (l-r Cara Ganski and Chaelee Chaput)

See more pictures in the NJYPFestival 2013 album on our Facebook page (no need to be a Facebook member to see!).

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