Monday, April 7, 2014

Announcing the 2014 New Jersey Young Playwrights

Congratulations to the 2014 New Jersey Young Playwrights! (Plays are listed alphabetically by the playwrights' last names)

HIGH SCHOOL (grades 10-12)
- Hurricane Season by Alexa Derman
- Mechanical Advancement by Emily Donegan
- Ink Never Dulls by Talia Green
- Enter Banquo's Ghost by Miranda Hoyt-Disick

- My Life, My Family, Not My Wallet by Christopher Frick
- Accounting for Change by Elizabeth Hendy
- An Underdog Story by Morgan McCauley

ELEMENTARY (grades 4-6)
- So Let's Get Cooking by Lily Bauer
- Zoe Verrazano's Big Adventure by Katie Dore
- A Good Story, A Beautiful Life by Ashley Jiang
- I Beat the Bully by Amanda Kefalas

An announcement regarding the REVOLUTIONARY PLAYS division will be coming soon.

Plays from the Elementary and Junior HS divisions will be presenting as readings on Monday, June 2.

Plays from the High School division will be presented as staged readings on Tuesday, June 3.

High school playwrights will also receive a 2014 New Jersey Governors Award in Arts Education at a special event in Trenton on Thursday, May 1.

For more information about the Festival, or the playwrights, please visit our website at

Congratulations to the playwrights whose work was selected for the Festival and to all of those who submitted a script!

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