Monday, May 11, 2015

The Young Playwrights Map

As part of his doctoral research, Jim DeVivo (PTNJ's Director of Education) has been compiling information for regional and national young playwrights opportunities in the United States. This past week, Jim published this information via a Google Map on his personal website. You can find it at

The New Jersey Young Playwrights Festival is just one of many opportunities open to writes ages 19 and younger. As it turns out, many of those programs are right here in the Garden State. There are also at least 10 national programs for which you may be eligible. Take a look at the map and see where you might be able to send your current play, or any future submissions. However, please note that the young playwrights season is coming to a close for many of these programs, so information for next year's programming may not yet be available. Even so, what a great way to prepare for next year!